Explanations to tables that have coloured values:

Best 3 results of SSIM* / FPS* / BR*:

At least the best 3 results for SSIM / speed / bitrate are coloured in the tables (SSIM=blue, FPS=red, BR=yellow).
If one parameter constellation for example results in the same SSIM as another, the one with the higher speed and/or lower bitrate is marked.
According to this it's possible that e.g. the best SSIM value is marked more than one time, an example:

The 3 best SSIM values are
18,470 / 18,465 / 18,460
1) 18,470 achieved with BR 3100 + FPS 50 and with BR 3090 + FPS 45one is marked for best BR, one for best FPS
18,465 achieved with BR 3100 + FPS 50 and with BR 3090 + FPS 45none is marked, above values are better
18,460 achieved with BR 3110 + FPS 55 and with BR 3080 + FPS 40both are marked:
first one has higher speed than second one and (1)+(2), second one has lower bitrate than first and (1)(2)

Grey marked values don't appear in diagrams / best 3:
Results that differ too much from average bitrate (more than 0,5% from fourth lowest bitrate) or average speed (less than 67% from framerate of fourth highest speed) are ignored in the diagrams and are never selected as one of the best 3, because imho this makes no sense in a comparison.

SSIM = Structural SIMilarity (quality) / BR = bitrate (filesize) / FPS = frames per second (speed)